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Score Big with Flavor: Plant-based, Vegan Seven-Layer Bean Dip for Your Super Bowl Party

Vegan Seven-Layer Bean Dip

No Super Bowl party is complete without a lineup of delicious snacks, and this year, I've got the perfect plant-based addition to elevate your game day spread and help you stick to your healthy goals: the Plant-based, Vegan Seven-Layer Bean Dip with Cashew Sour Cream.

Six Ingredients or Less Cookbook

Kick off the festivities with a touchdown of flavors, all while keeping it plant-based and cruelty-free. This hearty, crunchy, creamy dip is not only a visual stunner but also a healthy choice that will satisfy the taste buds of vegans and non-vegans alike.

Why Choose Plant-Based?

Before I dive into the layers of this dip, let's talk about why opting for a plant-based option is a game-changer. Plant-based recipes not only contribute to a healthier lifestyle but also have a lower environmental impact. So, by serving this Vegan Seven-Layer Bean Dip, you're not just scoring points with taste but also making a winning play for sustainability! (See what I did there? I'm full of the puns today.)

The Winning Lineup: Seven Layers of Plant-Powered Goodness

Layer 1 - Flavorful Chickpeas: Start with a base of seasoned chickpeas, red and green onions, and a dash of Adobo seasoning.

  • Chickpeas: High in protein and fiber, chickpeas promote satiety and support digestive health. They also provide essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, magnesium, and folate.

  • Red and Green Onion: Rich in antioxidants, onions have anti-inflammatory properties and may contribute to heart health. They also contain vitamins C and B, promoting immune function and energy metabolism.

  • Adobo Seasoning: While used in small amounts, the seasoning adds flavor without significant nutritional impact. Its spice blend may include garlic, oregano, cumin, and other herbs with potential health benefits.

Layer 2 - Black Bean Power: Black beans and more Adobo seasoning create a layer that adds depth and protein to the dip.

  • Black Beans: Packed with protein, fiber, and antioxidants, black beans support heart health, aid digestion, and help regulate blood sugar levels. They are also a good source of folate, iron, and potassium.

Layer 3 - Refried Bean Fiesta: Low-sodium refried beans with a hint of lime create a creamy and zesty third layer that will keep your guests coming back for more.

  • Refried Beans: A good source of plant-based protein and fiber, refried beans contribute to a feeling of fullness and support digestive health. Choosing low-sodium options helps manage sodium intake.

  • Lime Juice: Rich in vitamin C, lime juice provides antioxidants and supports immune function. It also enhances the flavor of the layer without added calories.

Layer 4 - Sensational Salsa: A vibrant layer of fresh salsa adds a burst of color and freshness, bringing a perfect balance to the dip.

  • Fresh Salsa: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants from tomatoes, onions, peppers, and cilantro, salsa supports overall health. Tomatoes, in particular, provide lycopene, known for its potential role in reducing the risk of certain diseases.

Layer 5 - Green Goodness: Chopped green onions and crisp cucumber deliver a crunch that complements the creaminess of the layers beneath. (Option to add guacamole or diced avocado here!)

  • Green Onion: Low in calories and rich in vitamins K and C, green onions contribute to bone health and support immune function.

  • Cucumber: A hydrating vegetable, cucumber adds a crisp texture and provides vitamins and minerals, including vitamin K and potassium.

Layer 6 - Cashew Sour Cream: The star of the show – a homemade cashew sour cream that's velvety, tangy, and utterly luxurious. This layer elevates the dip to gourmet status.

  • Cashews: A source of healthy fats, protein, and minerals like magnesium and zinc, cashews contribute to heart health and immune function. The healthy fats may also aid in nutrient absorption.

  • Lemon Juice: High in vitamin C, lemon juice provides antioxidants and aids digestion.

  • Cider Vinegar: Some studies suggest that apple cider vinegar may have potential health benefits, including blood sugar control and weight management.

Layer 7 - Lettuce Finale: Top it all off with a generous amount of crunchy chopped lettuce for a refreshing finish that adds a crisp bite to each scoop.

  • Lettuce: Low in calories and high in water content, lettuce adds crunch and freshness to the dip. It provides vitamins A and K and contributes to hydration.

Game Plan: How to Assemble the Dip

Follow the simple directions provided in the recipe to assemble. Each layer should be pressed gently into a trifle bowl, creating a dish that's as pleasing to the eye as it is to the tastebuds!

Tortilla Chips

Serve with Hearty Organic Corn Chips

Pair this dip with hearty organic corn chips...the perfect scoop for your dip. The crunchy chips will stand up to the filling textures of the dip, making every bite a satisfying experience.

Perfect App for Vegans or Omnivores

Whether you're a dedicated vegan or just looking to add more plant-based options to your Super Bowl spread, this Vegan Seven-Layer Bean Dip with Cashew Sour Cream is a game-changer. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce your guests to how delicious plant-based eating can be.

A Final Whistle

Let your Super Bowl party be remembered for more than just the game. Make it unforgettable with this plant-based appetizer that proves you don't need meat and dairy to create a winning spread. Touchdown! Enjoy the game, the company, and the flavors of this Vegan Seven-Layer Bean Dip.

Vegan 7-Layer Bean Dip

Vegan / Plant-based Seven-Layer Bean Dip

Serves a crowd

Seven Layer Dip Recipe
Download PDF • 992KB


Layer 1

2 cups cooked chickpeas

1/4 cup chopped red and green onion

1/4 tsp Adobo seasoning

Layer 2

1 14.5 oz can black beans

1/4 tsp Adobo seasoning

Layer 3

1 can light, low sodium refried beans (I used Eden Organic)

Juice 1/4 lime

Layer 4

1 to 2 cups fresh salsa (or salsa of choice)

Layer 5

1/2 cup chopped green onion

1/2 cup chopped cucumber

(Option to add guacamole or diced avocado here!)

Layer 6

(Option to add 1/2 cup vegan shredded mozzarella cheese here)

1 cup cashew sour cream: (1 cup raw cashews, soaked a few hours or overnight), 1 Tbsp Lemon Juice, 2 Tbsp Cider Vinegar, 1/2 tsp salt – blend until smooth, adding water if needed.

Layer 7

3 to 4 cups chopped or shredded lettuce


1. Mix the ingredients of each layer, one at a time, in a medium bowl.

2. Press each layer gently into a trifle bowl. Serve with hearty organic corn chips.

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