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I'm Dawn Hutchins, a plant-based lifestyle educator, author & certified plant-based chef. I'm an entrepreneur, founder of VegeCooking and our licensing program for plant-based entrepreneurs, as well as corporate consultant for the creation of plant-based wellness programs. Most recently I'm the Director of Plant-based Nutrition for Central Garden & Pet. I hold a certificate in Plant-based Nutrition and a certificate in Nutritional Therapy with a focus in epigenetics (a fancy way of saying that what we eat and how we live affect the expression of our genes).  

This is my personal STORY.

I started just where you are. I'd tried everything over the years and nothing worked long term. I didn't have the energy to play with my daughter Gabby because I wasn't sleeping. I was constantly arguing with my husband Chris because I was depressed, feeling fat (15 pounds overweight), tired, and cranky, and had a headache. All. The. Time. 


Over ten years ago I overheard someone talking about the book, The China Study, T. Collin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD. Actually he said NOT to read it or I'd never want to eat meat again. Of course if someone tells me not to do something, I am intrigued. I read it in two nights which led down a rabbit hole of learning as much as I could about plant-based nutrition.


I was fascinated. Hooked. It went against all my current paradigms; carbs are bad, you need more protein. Always more, more, more protein. After all, I'm type O. The "Hunter" if you read the Blood Type Diet.


The China Study gave me three gifts. 


Not only the permission to not have to eat the animals I love for protein and calcium, but evidence that I'd be even healthier and leaner. I had a choice to stop eating animals and be healthy. The power to fight the heart disease that killed my dad. I discovered my genes are not my fate. 


I wasn’t perfect, still am not. I bumbled my way through and screwed up a lot. But…..

I lost the weight without trying, sleep through the night, have the energy to start mountain biking and skate boarding at 44 years old, have no more headaches and I'm living with joy, happiness and vitality, in alignment with my values.


Huge bonus, my family is so much healthier too. Though they are not 100% plant-based, they've discovered so many healthy meals they love and have learned that eating meatless meals makes them feel great and can be really delicious. My daughter's leaky gut has healed, her eczema as disappeared, and my husband has reached his ideal weight.


I want this for YOU, and pretty much everyone on the planet. I want it to be a big, happy love-fest.

Discover the benefits that over 35,000 people have experienced over the last ten years through my recipes, cookbookscourses, business opportunities, and learning how to eat more whole, plant foods & loving it! 



  • BS Sociology - Florida State University

  •  Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate - Cornell University & the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

  • Certified Plant-based Chef - Forks Over Knives Culinary School

  • Certified Nutritional Therapist focusing in Epigenetics - Health Sciences Academy in London

  • Certified Veggiecator Educator – The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

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