More About Dawn

We all know we should be eating healthy - so why the heck is it so hard? Let me make it easy for you! I love helping people LEARN to cook and LOVE their veggies - but it's gotta be simple and delicious because no one wants to eat yucky food that takes forever.


Hi! I'm Dawn Hutchins, the founder of VegeCooking LLC - Healthy cooking classes for kids, teens and adults since 2016. We bring the kitchen to you! After-school enrichment, virtual classes, summer camps, corporate, birthdays, Girls and Boy Scouts, The Boys & Girls Clubs, adult and teen classes and more. Want to start your own purpose-driven business? VegeCooking offers licensing opportunities!

I have over ten years of experience in recipe development, cooking demonstrations, and healthy event planning.  I'm passionate about learning about produce varietals, seasonal vegetables, commercial and organic farming, permaculture, publishing and creation of digital products, services and programs. I’ve published four books and multiple eBooks.

What else? I'm a mom (click here to learn more about Chef Gabby!), wife, entrepreneur, yoga lover, and camping enthusiast that considers herself forever a student. I love learning, taking classes and always striving to be better. 


  • BS Sociology, Florida State University

  • Certificate in plant-based nutrition through Cornell University and the T. Colin Campbell foundation

  • Certified Nutritional Therapist with a focus in epigenetics through the Health Sciences Academy in London

  • Certified Veggiecator Educator – evidence based, culinary-nutrition education program supported by the
    Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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We teach kids, teens and adults to LEARN to cook and LOVE their veggies. 

Learn the life-skill of cooking, though hands-on practice. Discover how to live in a sustainable manner - in harmony with the earth.



One day we'll see children and families choosing fresh fruits and vegetables because they know the benefits. They will have the skills they need to prepare delicious, healthful foods to nourish their bodies. They'll be stewards of our earth and be able to grow and enjoy healthy food.