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Camden, Nassau & Glynn Counties

Making Healthy Choices Easy & Delicious!

Welcome to VegeCooking in Camden, Glynn & Nassau Counties

We're a privately owned healthy cooking company; we're here to help your children learn to cook & love their veggies. Our goal is to make healthy eating simple, delicious & easy to duplicate at home!

We're also proud sponsers of EDICCIMAD!



Simple recipes kids,
teens & adults
will love.



Our main focus is, both, delicious & healthy



Visit our designated locations or we can come to you!

Healthy Veggie Treats

Kids Cooking

We offer three 11-week after-school sessions per school year as well as daytime classes for homeschooled students, and pop-up classes.

Fish Tacos

Summer Camps

Our summer camps offer our signature mix of cooking, learning games, crafts & activities!

Adult Classes

Adult cooking classes to help you LEARN to cook and LOVE your veggies. 

Discover how fun and delicious cooking for your health can be! 

Cooking Class

Parties & Specialty Classes

We offer specialty birthday parties, private classes for
homeschool groups,
non-profit organizations
& so much more. 

Ice Cream Party

3-Day Clean Food Plan

Is your diet out of control?
Are you always tired & left feeling run down?

Try our FREE plant-based '3-Day Eat to Feel Good' Plan & kickstart your journey to feeling better in 3 days. 

Organic Vegetables

Register your child for Afterschool Classes
VegeCooking Camden, Glynn & Nassau

Enjoy our early bird discounts & $10-off multi-student discounts!




(11 weeks)

Go back-to-school to with ease & experience delicious fall flavors!

Do you love back-to-school time? Does the cooler weather and colors of fall inspire you to get creative in the kitchen or elsewhere? Help your young aspiring chef or foodie feel that same excitement with our Fabulous Fall session!



Fresh, healthy foods
Paper products
New theme each session
New recipe each week
Awesome centers, crafts and fun!
Weekly recipe via email



(10 weeks)

Experience the tastes of the season and all its holidays... with a healthy twist, of course!

Your young chef will have a great time learning to eat healthfully even during the holidays.  We'll make some warm, cozy foods a well as healthier versions of a few treats. 
Let them join us in welcoming winter!



Fresh, healthy foods
Paper products
New theme each session
New recipe each week
Awesome centers, crafts and fun!
Weekly recipe via email



(11 weeks)

From Tik-tok crazes to refreshing seasonal dishes, this will be a spring to remember! 

Chefs cook and learn some fun and healthy options for lunch, dinner, and even dessert many of which will not even heat up your kitchen!


Fresh, healthy foods
Paper products
New theme each session
New recipe each week
Awesome centers, crafts and fun!
Weekly recipe via email

"Vegecooking Camden has been a wonderful extracurricular for our children. They always find a new food or recipe that they like. we also have tons of recipes they want to make at home. The children absolutely love seeing Ms. Tracy which is another plus because she has patience with the kids and you can tell she loves teaching them about new foods and recipes. Try it out, you won't regret it!"

“Attended Tracy's adult class and learned to make the best pumpkin soup -- ever! Tracy has great instincts as a chef, and her comfortable instructional style put us at ease and in a learning mode. We hope to attend more of her classes."


Tracy Fettinger Certificate Report.png

Tracy Fettinger is a book author, self-taught plant-based chef and holds a certificate in plant-based nutrition through the prestigious T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

Learn more about her incredible story below!

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Chef Tracy

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Cornerstone Camden

11942 Colerain Rd,

St. Marys, GA   

Walkabout Camp &

RV Park Rec Center

742 Old Still Road, 

Woodbine, GA 

Various Nassau County Locations

Various Glynn County Locations

Tracy's Story

Hey there!

I'm Tracy Fettinger, a former public school educator turned plant-based lifestyle educator and author. I'm also certified in Plant-based Nutrition. But really, who cares about all that?

It’s really more about MY personal STORY.

I started just where you are. I grew up eating the standard American diet. I was “healthy” according to the food pyramid, but I was definitely not functioning optimally. I was on that same upward trend we all seem to face…you know - weight increases as age increases. I checked all the numbers on those little nutrition labels and thought I was eating right.  I was fairly active, and like most under loads of stress. Then one day I ended up in the hospital and after a week of test after test got what at the time was a frightening diagnosis… 


“Mrs. Fettinger, you have Multiple Sclerosis.”  


Faced with the “facts” that I would continue to debilitate and be on meds for the rest of my life I started searching.  I read everything I could get my hands on and started watching documentaries about health. It was a confusing world with lots of contradictions to say the least.




Of course it didn’t happen overnight, but I started taking steps down a new path on my health journey which led down a rabbit hole of learning as much as I could about self-healing through plant-based nutrition and lifestyle changes.


After just a few changes I started feeling so much better and was hooked. It went against almost everything I “knew”.  I mean you have to have meat for protein and dairy for calcium or there will be major health consequences, right?  The media really does play a huge role in what we think we know!


This paradigm shift gave me three gifts. 


Not only the permission to not have to eat the animals I love for protein and calcium, but evidence that I'd actually be healthier and leaner with plant protein and calcium sources that my body can more easily use. I had a choice to stop eating animals and be healthy. The power to fight the disease that debilitates so many and actually THRIVE instead of just survive was on my plate! My genes – my diagnosis - are not my fate. 


I wasn’t perfect - still am not. I take it one small sustainable step at a time. After all health is NOT a destination but a journey! And you know what…..

I maintain a healthy weight without really trying, have so much extra energy that I, the one who used to fain asthma to get out of any kind of running as a teenager, started jogging in my 40s, and I'm living a vibrant, active, joy filled life in alignment with my values.


Huge bonus, many of my family are much healthier too. Though they are not 100% plant-based, they've benefitted from being plant strong discovering they feel better on so many levels, reducing many medications, and completely cutting others. 

I want this for YOU, your families, and pretty much everyone on the planet. I want a healthy family and planet for your grandchildren’s grandchildren!

​Discover more of my story here! 




  • BS Education - Florida State University

  •  Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate - Cornell University & the T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies

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