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COVID-19 Policy Updates

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Learn what has changed with our afterschool enrichment and other in-person classes - Virus Policy Updates for the Classroom.

As we look towards returning to the classroom in the fall, we want to both create an environment of safety and health for the children, and at the same time offer a sense of normalcy.

Although many of these processes and procedures were already being performed, we will work to reinforce our cleanliness and good hygiene practices and add some additional precautions.


We will continue to reinforce good hygiene. Students must wash hands with soap for 20 seconds before touching food, when switching tasks, and before eating food.

Surfaces, Supplies and Equipment

1. All surfaces are sanitized prior to class and after class.

2. Each child will be issued their own supplies including cutting board and knife, individual fork/spoon, individual paper goods for sampling.

3. Sanitizing hands before use of shared equipment.

Should any equipment - such as a whisk or measuring spoons - be shared, student will need to wash hands before use.

4. Sanitizing equipment after use. Equipment is always sanitized by the teacher after class with soap and 170F water for at least 30 seconds.

Class Sizes and Distancing

1. Guidelines: We will continue to follow best practices set by CDC and school guidelines.

2. Distance: Children will sit at least three feet apart in the classroom.

3. Masks: Unvaccinated children are encouraged to wear masks.

Questions? Call 904-325-9592.

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