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Start Your VegeCooking Business

“This program has been life changing for our family. Jack is trying new things and always wants to help more in the kitchen.” 

– Brandie, VegeCooking Mom

Interested in starting your own VegeCooking business? Contact us for more details!

1. You won't be alone. You'll join a group of like-minded people to offer support and answer questions.

2. Less risk.  When you purchase a VegeCooking licence, you're buying a proven system that works.

3. A training program. Don't reinvent the wheel!  Build on tried and true methods. 

4. Flexibility. Schedule classes any way you like. Want every Friday off? Great!  Want to offer summer camps? Wonderful! 

5. Automatic credibility.  Even if you've never run a company, you can lean on the track record of the company to offer real life testimonials. 

6. Curriculum, recipes and visuals are done for you. You don't have to be a recipe developer, nutritionist, graphic designer, or artist to create your materials. It's all done for you. 


7. Work from home - or anywhere. You have the flexibility to go into schools, daycare centers, homes, businesses, churches, community centers - anywhere! 

8. Affordable. Compared to other business opportunities, ours is more affordable. You won't have to purchase a storefront, worry about land development and leasing.  You get to work out of the comfort of your home.

9. Creation of a legacy. You're building something that can be passed on to future generations.  

10. Finally, your passion and your work are one in the same. You'll be helping kids become healthier and saving the planet at the same time. Teach kids to learn to cook and love their veggies and spread the word about living sustainably.

Top 10 Reasons to Become a VegeBusiness Owner!

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