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Announcing our free recipe booklet:
Top-Ten Kid-Tested Recipes for Picky Eaters!

Over the years we've tested and re-tested recipes with hundreds of kids. There are just a few that we know will always be a hit with the kids. 

Read this booklet and you’ll discover:

1.  Our TOP requested snack

2.  One of our most loved breakfasts

3.  The salad they come up for second, third, fourth servings

4.  A creamy bean salad loved by kids, teens, and adults

5.  Our most awesome hummus with a twist

6.  A ultra kid-friendly pasta packed with veggies

7.  Comforting soup that we've been told is a "warm hug"

8.  The salsa that changes their minds forever about veggies

9.  Our dinner recipe that shocked and surprised them, and got them asking for more

10.A healthy dessert that will have your mouth watering



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