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Organic Microwave Cleaning Hacks

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

It’s the New Year and time for a fresh start. After all the holiday cooking and college students home for winter break, you may notice a messier-than-normal microwave.

We all know that cleaning it out is not a fun or easy task. This year, make it easier on yourself by using our organic recipe for cleaning out your microwave. With just some water, dish soap, and a lemon, you can have a sparkling microwave in minutes.

How microwaves work

Microwaves use electromagnetic radiation to cook your food. Microwaves are a kind of non-ionizing radiation. They don't have the same risks as x-rays or other types of ionizing radiation that can cause changes to human cells.

There's lots of disagreement about whether microwaves release radiation outside of the microwave - however, we've noted that for many college students and military, they're the only option they've got. - Dawn Hutchins

How to safely use a microwave

  1. Use microwave safe containers - we recommend glass Pyrex containers to avoid contamination from plastics.

  2. Be very careful when heating liquids or water. They can become superheated and burn you.

  3. Do not use if door hinges or seals are damaged.

Why use natural cleaners in your microwave?

· It lessens your food’s exposure to the chemicals in some cleaning supplies

· It’s a cheaper alternative to buying organic cleaners

· It can be made last minute with common household items

· The lemon recipe will have your microwave smelling fresh and citrusy!

Directions using dish soap

  1. Put a bit of dish soap and water in a mug or bowl until it is ¾ full

  2. Put the mug or bowl in the microwave on high until the water boils

  3. The soapy steam covers all the sides of the microwave and loosens all the dried on food

  4. Wipe the microwave down with a cloth or paper towel

Directions using lemon

  1. Fill a mug or bowl with water until it is ¾ full

  2. Slice a lemon in half and squeeze both sides into the water

  3. Put both lemon halves in the water

  4. Microwave on high for 3-5 minutes

  5. Wipe the microwave down with a cloth or paper towel

Written by Grace Chesko and Dawn Hutchins

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