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Five reasons to give the gift of experience

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

With the holiday season coming up, it seems that everyone is scrambling to find their loved ones gifts that are meaningful and personalized. This can prove to be a hard feat for many, as the gift receivers may already have certain products, or seem to want nothing. If you find yourself struggling with this very problem, an experience-based present might be the answer!

Why give experiences instead of objects?

Experiences help build memories for the person who it is gifted to.

Not everyone remembers the new toy they received when they were seven, but most will remember going to a sports game to watch their favorite team.

Experiences can be given to people of any age.

People from age 4 to 104 can enjoy making memories! Humans of all ages want entertaining experiences, while tangible items are not always needed or wanted by all.

Experiences can create lifelong skills or help discover a new passion.

Gifting a class to a person is a great way to introduce useful skills in a fun way. For example, sending a child to a cooking class can not only help them learn basic knife skills, but could also help cultivate a love of cooking.

Experiences create less waste.

Often, toys and other physical items are abandoned after a few uses. While some experiences come with a small souvenir, most experiences are intangible and enjoyed in the moment.

Memories are priceless and can be joyfully remembered for one’s whole life.

Gifting a meaningful experience can show that you understand one’s interests and support their passions!

This blog post is inspired by a list of experiences published by the team at Motherly. You can find a complete list at:

(We especially like number 10; but we might be a little biased!)

The gift of cooking classes

Give the gift of cooking classes to someone you love!

This blog post was written by the talented Grace Chesco

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