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KIDS Afterschool Cooking Classes

2023-2024 School Year

Session 1: Fabulous Fall

Session 2: Welcome Wonderful Winter 

Session 3: A Spring to Remember


Amelia Island Montessori
Cornerstone Camden
Camden County Rec Center
Walkabout Park Rec Center (Kingsland)
Nassau County

Your Town

Bring VegeCooking to your town! Become a VegeCooking licensee.


Get your own website,

recipes and curriculum,
tested equipment,
enrollment software,
and support!


2023-2024 Sessions

3 Sessions Per School Year 
- Fall​
- Holiday
- Spring
*For other questions email us at


- Fresh, healthy foods
- Paper products
- New theme each session
- New recipe each week
- Awesome centers,
crafts & fun!

- Weekly recipe via email


- Early Bird Discount 
Multi Student 
​Discount $10 off!

Enjoy our early bird & multi-student discounts!
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