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Available KIDS Cooking Classes

St Johns: Cunningham Creek, Hickory Creek, Julington Creek, Timberlin Creek, Liberty Pines Academy
St Augustine: Mill Creek, Wards Creek
Christ's Church Academy
Cornerstone Camden
Camden County Rec Center

Available ADULT Cooking Classes

Twisted Compass Coffee Shop

11/21 Pumpkin Soup and a chat: Eat More, Weigh Less 
1/23  Scrambled Tofu, brunch and a chat: delicious sources of plant-based protein and calcium 
Walkabout RV Park
11/1 Scrambled Tofu, brunch and a chat: delicious sources of plant-based protein and calcium 
11/22 Pumpkin Soup and a chat: Eat More, Weigh Less  

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Fall Session 


Tour the globe without leaving the comfort of home! 

Each week we'll offer the flavors of a new country plus centers and crafts to enhance knowledge of each location as food cooks or bakes!

Visit Europe

Students will taste the flavors of Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

Travel the Orient

Kids will enjoy sampling cuisine from China, Japan, Thailand and Malaysia.

Trip to South America

The children will celebrate Brazil, Argentina and Chile through their culinary traditions.


Holiday & New Year Session


Holiday Cook-Off Championship

It's the most wonderful time of year - the holidays! This session the kids will have the chance to participate in our very first Holiday Cook-off Championship! The kids will break into two teams and make two different recipes to be judged at the end of class. The winners will receive the rights to say they're the Holiday Cook-off Champions!

Rock the New Year

In the New Year we'll introduce healthy, fun and delicious recipes to start the new year right with our Rock the New Year theme - and we'll close out the session with a final ROCK the New Year Championship!

Spring Session

Celebrate the Outdoors!
This spring we celebrate the outdoors with three awesome themes in one session!
Gone Camping
Recipes the children can make on a camp-out or by the camp fire!
Hawaiian Luau
Travel to Hawaii and participate in an authentic Luau....through food!
Spring Picnic
Grab your basket, it's time for a picnic with our spring picnic recipes!

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