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What is plant-based cooking?

Plant-based cooking is simple – it means you’re cooking with only plant foods! This list is made up of food categories that you can combine in infinite and delicious combinations.

Plant-based foods list

  • fruits and veggies

  • beans and whole grains

  • mushrooms

  • nuts and seeds

  • spices and herbs

What foods are not plant-based?

  • meat

  • eggs

  • dairy

  • seafood

  • processed foods

  • refined oils

So is plant-based cooking all rabbit food and salads?

No! Over the last decade I’ve made tacos, pizza, and burgers. I’ve made soups, stews and comforting breads. I’ve made scrumptious sandwiches, and yes, delicious salads and salad dressings. And we can’t forget desserts!

Tips for cooking with little to no oil*

Cooking without oil? Is that even possible? Yes! Refined oils are not included on a whole food, plant-based diet because they are considered a processed food made of pure fat, devoid of nutrients, and are the most calorie dense food on the planet with zero fiber.

  • Make dressings and sauces with nuts and seeds for fat that comes with protein, fiber, vitamins and nutrients

  • Dry sautéveggies in the pan and add just a bit of water or broth to prevent sticking

  • Add more herbs and spices for flavor.

  • Omit the oil from soups and stews (you will never notice the difference)

  • Use an air fryer instead of frying for crispy texture

  • Bake on parchment paper to prevent sticking

More to come on cooking with less or no oil

In the next post we’ll talk about why learning to cook plant-based meals is so great for your health, for the planet and for the animals we share our world with.

*Please note that you may still find recipes on this site that contain vegan butter and oil. We are working to reduce or eliminate these in future recipes without sacrificing flavor. Join us on our journey as we grow and learn!

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