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Sardinian Diet - Six Secrets for Longevity

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Sardinian Diet – Six Secrets for longevity; Sardinia, an island off the coast of Italy, is one of the blue zones hot spots where Sardinians reside, a group of the longest lived people on the planet.

Look closely and you may find a woman standing over a simmering pot of minestrone, a family recipe passed down for generations. In the flavorful broth you’ll find a mixture of beans, whole grains, such as barley, herbs, and veggies such as tomatoes, onions, garlic, zucchini and thyme.

Though there are spectacular coastlines in Sardinia, Italy, because the island was prone to invasions, the Sardinians moved into the mountains. Their isolated location allowed the population, culture, and traditions to stay stable over time.


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Secret number 1 Eat with the Seasons

The ingredients will change seasonally which is Secret number one. Eat with the seasons. If minestrone soup is eaten daily, the vegetables, herbs and flavors change with the seasons, giving each new season a new flavor.

Sardinian Diet Eat with the Seasons

Secret number 2 Eat lots of plant foods

Beans, grains, vegetables and herbs are the second key Secret of the Sardinian diet to note. Packed with fiber, these plant foods feed the good bacteria in the gut.

Sardinian Diet Eat the Same Every Day

Secret number 3 is don’t be afraid to eat the same healthy food every day

One family shared that they ate this flavorful soup for lunch every day of their lives. It’s theorized that this repetitiveness may be one of the factors in their strong immune system.

Secret number three highlights that by eating the same, healthful foods each day that change with the seasons, their immune system does not have to work as hard.

Sardinian Diet Red Wine

Secret number 4 Enjoy a glass of red wine

Some good news for wine connoisseurs, for Secrets number four, Sardinians enjoy a glass of red wine made from local Grenache grapes, high in antioxidants and flavonoids with meals.

Sardinian Diet Sourdough Bread

Secret number 5 Eat more (Sourdough) bread, Sardinian flatbread, and ladeddos (Sardinian gnocchi)!

Secret number five is, Sardinians eat bread! Hearty sourdough bread and whole flour ladeddos are also staples on the menu.

The live, active cultures in the sourdough bread partially break down the sugars and proteins in the flour leaving just one percent the amount of gluten of normal white bread. The pre-digested gluten slows the absorption of sugar into the body by as much as twenty five percent.

Sardinian Diet Eat Meat Rarely

Secret number 6 Eat meat very rarely

Meals that contain meat are eaten rarely, as much as one meal per week, or on special occasions such as a wedding or birth. This is Secret number six.

Sardinians are a family oriented group that respects and includes elders. Grandparents my assist in helping with grandkids, chores around the house or tend to gardens. They have a purpose in life and are a celebrated part of the community. Enjoy your meals with family!

What are the Sardinian Diet Benefits?

A long, healthy life filled with purpose, community and vitality!

Sardinian Diet Recipes

Some of these recipes fit into the Sardinian Diet guidelines!

Veggies and gnocchi in a flavorful broth!

A French pesto pasta that is full of veggies and herbs. Perfect to pair with a sourdough bread!

Beautiful lentils and tons of veggies. This delicious soup has been tested tons of times with kids!


Dive even deeper on the topic of Longevity in this video with Doctor Deb Harrell!


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