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Avacraft Chef Pan

Updated: Jan 5, 2022

Beautiful design, durable materials, uniquely awesome size and shape - we're so excited about the Avacraft 11-inch chef pan.

I remember sitting in bed with my laptop. It was 8:30 pm. I'd looked at so many cookware options over the previous months that my eyes were crossing. Just when I didn't think I'd ever find the perfect option I found this super cool chef pan.

[Note: Avacraft hasn't paid us or sponsored us in any way to post about their products. After all my hours of research, I simply wanted to share about my find and save you lots of time!]

Factors Considered

Materials - I'd ruled out using non-stick because of the potential toxins in the non-stick coating. I was shooting for ceramic or stainless because they're lighter options than trying to carry around cast iron.

Glass cover - I wanted a glass cover so we could see what the heck was going on in there as the food was cooking.

Great ratings - the item had to have great ratings because I need safe options for the kids in the cooking classes.

Gas, electric and induction compatible - this was SO hard to find because many of the induction options had comments that they'd start smelling like something was burning if they used them on gas or electric. My teachers have induction cooktops (that's a whole other blog post).

Shape - I wanted a replacement for both the pot with a lid and skillet we were using for each cooking class. Something large to serve everyone, but not too large to be portable.

Company - after all this research I hoped to find a product from a company that I'd feel comfortable continuing to use as we grow.

Lifetime guarantee - if something breaks down, I needed a company that would back their products.


The company I stumbled across was Avacraft and they had a nice store on Amazon. I purchased the chef pan and LOVED it. It's just the right size and shape for what we need, it has a glass cover, is made from high quality stainless, can be used for induction or on electric, and has a lifetime guarantee. I wanted to snag more for the rest of the teachers. There was a coupon in the box so I emailed the email address asking for it. Imagine my surprise when the owner contacted me back!

Asha's Story

I decided to stop by her website and came across Asha's video. Asha is a mom with a mission. She came from a very humble background, worked hard, got a scholarship and became an electrical engineer. She worked in the corporate world (like me!) until she realized it wasn't for her. She decided to start her own business creating cookware inspired by her love of food and family.

We Connected

I reached out to her to tell her I love what she's doing. We scheduled a call to chat and I had a chance to speak with both Asha and her husband Vivek. What a wonderful family. Their goal is to offer professional, easily accessible cookware, and keep the feel of a small, local company. I encourage you to check out their products if you're in the market for cookware.

Should you choose to buy, VegeCooking gets a few cents at no cost to you to help offset some of the expenses it takes to run a healthy cooking class program!

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