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Tofu Salad

Welcome to VegeCooking in Saint Johns County, FL

We're a privately owned plant-based cooking and lifestyle company that is here to help you and your family learn to cook and love your veggies. Our goal is to make healthy eating simple, delicious and easy to duplicate at home!







Simple recipes kids, teens and adults will love.

Unlike other cooking companies, our main focus is delicious and healthy plant-based meals. 

Flexible options - come to our designated locations or we'll come to you!


Want to learn the basics of cooking?

Knife skills, healthy food prep, and more?

Let us help you LEARN to cook and LOVE your veggies.

Cooking Class

21-Day Reset Coaching

Go plant-based!

Take control of your diet with our 21-day diet reset program.


Includes the full plan,

plus 4 x 30-minute Zoom coaching sessions.

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Contact Chef Dawn


St Johns County, FL

Family at a Beach

Margaret Alston


My son absolutely the LOVES VegeCooking club.  

Not only is he learning some skills, he is also trying new foods and finding that he LOVES them.

He never wanted to even try soup before, but came home begging to make the smashed potato soup.
Thank you all for your efforts and for sending us the recipes.

Young Family


Mom of 4 - 21-Day Reset

"My favorite was eating what I wanted whenever I wanted. This program WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE! I lost 13 pounds but what I gained was WHY I was eating!


I remember that my body is a temple & not a trash chute! The first 4 days were challenging but then I started feeling in control.

If I had a sweet tooth, I ate a date but as crazy as it is I didn’t have sweet cravings. I listened to my body and it told me everything I needed.

Image by Alexander Dummer

Tracy Fettinger

Business Owner & Mom

"Vege Cooking is a great avenue to get your kids eating more veggies!

Not only have the kids tried things "they never would eat before" but they are also learning a life skill!

They truly do learn to cook & love their veggies through these classes!"

Loving Son

Catrina Markwalter


"My daughter & I absolutely love VegeCooking.


She is so excited every
week to tell me what
she learned to cook
& how good it is & she
loves to recreate the
recipes at home!"

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