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Online Cooking Class

Why VegeCooking Virtual?



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Our classes aren't just a pre-recorded video, they're live, fully interactive experiences.


Our goal is to give you a complete meal at the end of class - or simple ideas to make it a meal.


The best of both worlds - technology combined with an experience with you is something you'll always remember.

Salad in a Jar

Group Live Virtual Cooking Classes

Register for a family-friendly live, virtual, healthy cooking class!

Stay tuned for healthy breakfast ideas, weight watcher recipes, family dinner inspiration, back-to-school lunches, healthy snack time and more!

Vegan Tacos

Private Virtual Cooking Class

Schedule a private plant-based cooking class!

Some ideas include:


teen heading to college

teen new to plant-based eating

adult plant-based cooking

adult oil-free vegan

Contact me for pricing and to schedule a time!

Previous Classes

Watch as local celebrity chef, Jaz Moore, walks the kids through making a BBQ Pizza!

Local Celebrity Chef

Classes with Chef Gabby

Chef Gabby shows the children how to make No-Bake Lemon Thumbprint Cookies!

Private Virtual Classes

In this video Chef Dawn teaches a private, members only class for the afterschool enrichment kids.

Adults-only Pop-up Class

In this video Chef Dawn teaches a casual and fun pop-up, adults only class!

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