1. Do you only cook vegetables?

No, we make all kinds of recipes! We've made cookies, pancakes, soups, salads, tacos, burgers and more. 

2. What are the costs that go into running a cooking class?

Here are just a few of the costs associated with a cooking class 

  • Fresh foods, pantry foods

  • Teacher costs. For a one hour class this is what goes into it: fresh food purchase, review curriculum and recipe, pack equipment, unload and unpack equipment, run class, bring children to parents, clean kitchen, pack up, unpack, sanitize

  • Center supplies

  • Paper supplies

  • Equipment

  • Facility fees


3. You offer healthy cooking classes, are your recipes vegan?

Our classes are whole foods, plant-based, with the exception of oils. We do use some coconut or olive oil (unless special needs are given to us.)

4. What makes your program different than other cooking classes?

When it comes to the after-school elementary classes because our unique team structure, partnered with themed centers helps students learn more about the recipe they’re working on together to create and learn through doing in a self-directed environment instead of direct instruction.  

Our teen classes are one-on-one or smaller classes in order to provide feedback on knife and cooking skills.

Our adult demos have nutrition education weaved into each lesson and we bring our portable kitchen to our locations where we’ve added the ability to bake, sauté and roast.




Frequently Asked Questions

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