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Making Fruit Salad

FREE Course! 3 Days, 3 Simple Ways to Add More Plant Foods
feel lighter, get better digestion in just three days

Ready to start feeling and looking ten years younger? It's possible!

We teach busy moms plant-based cooking for vitality, weight loss and long term health and get your kids cooking healthy meals in after-school classes. We offer simple, delicious, family-friendly recipes, courses, cookbooks, community to help you achieve your goals and get your glow on! 

Learn to cook, Love your veggies!

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Take this FREE 3-day course to begin your path to learning how to cook to feel good (and LOOK good)!

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SIMPLE: recipes to feel incredible, light, happy, healthy, energized & glow from the inside, out!

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Get TEN kid-tested recipes the whole family will love; plus TEN tips to help your kids eat healthier! 

Which plant-based approach is right for you?

So you want to see what all the hype is about a plant-based diet? You’ve tried different diets in the past but nothing ever met all your needs. Now, you’re ready to find out what all the plant-based hype is about!

Take this 2-minute quiz to figure out which plant-based strategy will suit you best.

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I'm Dawn Hutchins, a busy wife and mom, plant-based lifestyle expert, and self-taught, whole foods chef. I've been living a plant-based lifestyle for over ten years, enjoying all of its benefits and have successfully helped my family lean into healthful changes as well. My team and I are excited to support you in your healthy goals! Learn more about my story and credentials here.

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