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What to expect in the After-School Classes

As the kids gather their book bags at the end of the day an announcement is made over the loudspeaker that VegeCooking classes are being held that day. The children are directed by the designated teachers and after-school coordinators to the meeting place for the chef to pick them up and escort them to class.

The classes are always held right at your child’s school or facility in the same place each week.
They will never be without supervision.

The VegeCooking chefs bring all the fresh foods, paper goods and learning materials. The classes run for an hour and there are 4-5 classes within each session. Your child doesn’t need to bring a thing to class!

Each class starts with "Why this class matters", and "Why this recipe rocks".
The children are divided up into teams to create a different section of the recipe with classmates.

Once children are finished with their portion of the recipe, they are directed to the activity center where they may practice their knife skills by chopping fresh produce for an "appetizer" or have the opportunity to make an apple cookie or other snack. Next they go to the exploration center where they may play with various mediums such as salt dough clay or other self-directed, curriculum-related activity.

And the best part? The students then have the opportunity to taste their creation at the end of class! 

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