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Smoothies For Health: Satisfying. Delicious. Perfect for any time of day.

This version has been reformatted for digital size! 8.5x11 for you to print. This book can also be purchased in print on Amazon by clicking here. 


The benefits:
Have energy like when you were a kid.
Fall in love with increased vitality.
Get gorgeous, hydrated skin.
Show off that lighter, leaner body!

The Smoothie 411...

Smoothie Book with 30 smoothies – one for each day of the month – plus three bonus nut milks. Each recipe was meticulously crafted and tested for taste. Beautiful, full color photos, healthy tips and focus on the benefits, vitality, energy and lean body.


What you’ll get:

100% Plant-based Smoothies

100% Whole Foods

100% Natural Sweeteners with NO added sugar.


Order a printed copy on Amazon!


What You Won't Find:

"What we put in is just as important as what we left out!"

NO carageenan
NO artificial colors or flavors
NO refined sugar
NO dairy or gluten


Order a printed copy here on Amazon!

Smoothies for Health

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