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2021-2022 St Johns County cooking clubs

New! Longer Sessions and NO activity fee!

Kids Clubs

2021-2022 Sessions

  • 3 Sessions Per School Year 
    • Fall​  
    • Holiday
    • Spring
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  • Fresh, healthy foods
  • Paper products
  • New theme each session
  • New recipe each week
  • Awesome centers, crafts and fun!
  • Weekly recipe via email

11 week sessions


St Johns County Schools

Schools we will be hosting classes are TBD for 2021-2022 school year. This button will be updated as we add more schools.

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virtual sessions.

We are so sorry, enrollment on hold in St Johns due to labor shortages.

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  • Multi-Student Discount $10 off!

Fall Session




Kids go undercover in the kitchen to become the next James Bond or Black Widow!

Secret Agent Chefs are trained to expect the unexpected, and they love these unexpectedly awesome recipes and secret tips about nutrition.

Each week, students have the time of their life as they work together to complete recipe missions and will even go on a covert mission across the globe, spying on what kids from different countries eat for lunch to bring their findings back to the test kitchen. 

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Holiday & New Year Session




Strap on your superhero cape! In session 2 the kids will become a team of superheroes learning to hone their superhero knife and kitchen skills.


They’ll discover ways to help take care of themselves and our earth through food choices and actions, and make delicious recipes to eat - of course!

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Spring Session


Spring is here! Time for our very own spring "garden-to-table" cooking classes.


During this session kids will learn about how foods grow, seasons, planting and more! They'll have their chance to do some hands-on seed planting and watch their plants grow over the course of the session.


As their plants grow, the kids skills will grow too! They will practice knife and kitchen skills, and will make delicious dishes too!

Dates of all sessions

2021-2022 After-School Enrichment Cooking Club